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Street Performances and Walkaround Fire Eaters

Walkaround and static fire eaters
Whether used as an attention-grabbing feature, or to give guests a uniquely warm welcome to anTim Cockerill - Walkaround and Static Fire Eater event, a fire performer is quite possibly the most spectacular way to make an impression. If guests are just arriving, a performer at the entrance to welcome them with fire-eating and giant blasts of flame is a sure way to impress. In a mix-and-mingle situation, the performer can move within the crowds eating fire, and fire breathing at intervals Tim Cockerill - Walkaround and Static Fire Eatingfrom a safe distance.

Street performance

In the style of traditional street-performance, Tim Cockerill's outdoor fire-eating act is packed with fun, comedy, audience participation (completely safe!) and the spectacular finale, 'The Amazing Human Volcano'. The crowds will be wowed as flames over 15ft are blown into the air. The act starts with tried-and-tested crowd-gathering and audience-control techniques, to make sure everybody gets a chance to see the action whilst positioned at a safe distance. The act can be tailored to run from anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes and can also include other stunts such as escaping from a regulation straitjacket and the 100ft rope escape.
Street Performer Tim CockerillStreet Performer Tim Cockerill

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