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An online amalgamation of fire eaters, flea circuses, sideshow curiosities, and more!

fire eater Tim Cockerill For thousands of years, fire eaters have confounded and entertained audiences with feats of heat resistance and fire manipulation. From Royal Courts in ancient Egypt and medieval fairgrounds in Europe to modern circus and variety theatre, fire eating has been, and still is one of the most sought-after entertainment forms in history.
Tim Cockerill is a fire eater with over 15 years' performing experience. Tim has appeared in front of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, Arabian Sheikhs in the United Arab Emirates, on TV and radio and for many other audiences around the world, from small private residences to full-sized theatres. fire breathing - Tim Cockerill
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Book a fire eater. Image of fire eater Tim Cockerill
Book A Fire Eater
Fire eaters to perform at your event, from walkaround and street performers to variety and circus acts suitable for the largest theatre.
Flea Circuses and Dressed Fleas. Image of flea engraving by Robert Hooke
Famous Fleas
Discover the history of genuine flea circuses, pulgas vestidas (a.k.a. Mexican dressed fleas). Historical pieces and ephemera to buy and exchange.
History of fire eaters - image of Tagora the Human Volcano circus programme
The History of Fire Eaters
From Chabert and Girardelli to Tagora and Stromboli. See historical artefacts and ephemera, dating back hundreds of years.
consultation and talks - fire-eating.com
Consultation and Talks

For consultation and expertise on the practical and historical aspects of fire eating, flea circuses, and other sideshow stunts. Talks and lectures with demonstrations available.

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